Blair High Road Corridor Draws Increased Interest and Investment

Blair High Road Corridor Draws Increased Interest and Investment

If you haven’t had the chance to drive through the Blair High Road corridor, just north of I-680, you might be unaware of the rapid transformation unfolding across more than 870 acres in what was once a quiet and overlooked area.

While the majority of industrial development in the Omaha metro has traditionally gravitated towards the Interstate 80 corridor, escalating land prices near Interstate 80, Highway 370 and Highway 50, particularly around Papillion, have prompted businesses to turn their attention to the Blair High Road corridor in Northwest Omaha.

Over the last three years, notable industrial players such as Google, Metropolitan Utilities District, Omaha Public Power District, McGill Restoration, and R&L Carriers have all secured land for both current and future developments in this evolving corridor. Adding to the mix, residential developments by Celebrity Homes and Signature Companies, hailing from Sioux Falls, SD, are also on the horizon.

According to the City of Omaha’s future land use map, this particular stretch along Blair High Road stands out as the sole area within Omaha’s jurisdiction offering prime opportunities for raw industrial land development. Other large pockets include Valley, Papillion and Gretna, but they do not have the same proximity to the Omaha area as the Blair High Road corridor.

As prices for land in Southwest Omaha have surged from $70,000 to $130,000 per acre, largely due to the influx of major players like Amazon, Google Data Center, and Facebook Data Center, local users and developers are increasingly turning their attention to the Blair High Road corridor, which offers a compelling advantage with a 25-50% discount on land purchases when measured against Southwest Omaha.

In summary, the Blair High Road corridor is swiftly becoming a focal point for diverse industrial and residential ventures, offering a strategic alternative to more established areas and major potential for substantial growth in the coming years. Investors Realty has had the pleasure of working with several buyers in this corridor over the last few years, and we look forward to increased involvement as the area continues to develop.

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