– R.J. Neary, Chairman of Investors Realty

It has been said that Investors Realty is like a top of the line classic car; the parts that make the vehicle run may be hard to find, but there are few things that can compare to the simplistic and powerful beauty that it has when it’s driving on the road.

As a full service commercial brokerage firm, our company is organized into four main sections:


Each individual broker actually runs their own business under the umbrella of our firm. The firm provides broker training and support through our process infrastructure and shared services team.

Property Management

Property managers are the staff members that deliver our client-first mission to specific properties on a 24/7 basis.

Maintenance Professionals

Maintenance professions work closely with our property management team to deliver the best service possible.

Shared Service and Accounting

These office positions support brokerage, property management and maintenance.

While we are always keeping an eye out for great people in the commercial real estate sector, we are actively seeking to fill the following positions:

Tim Langan, President, manages most of the recruiting and hiring so do not hesitate to reach out to him in case you are interested in discussing career opportunities at Investors Realty, Inc.