Management Services Team

Property Management

Laura Hansen

Vice President of Operations

Zack Arellano

Property Manager

Stephanie Chevalier, CPM

Property Manager

Dawn Holst

Property Manager

Katherine Homberger

Property Manager

Jonny Kallhoff

Assistant Property Manager

Nicole Morrison

Property Manager

Rikki Mueller

Support Specialist

Ricia Riley

Field Service Coordinator

Jennifer Simpson

Property Manager

Neil Villwok, CPM

Property Manager

Facilities Management

Travis Chambers

Facilities Manager

Jordan Hale

Facilities Manager

Dedicated Project Management

Jason Velinsky

Director of Project Management


Toby Davis

Maintenance Supervisor


Ron Koliha, Chris Workman, Royce Almazar, Toby Davis, Mitch Munson, Jeff Smejkal, & Max Grace. Kelly Ray & Nathan Detwiler (not pictured)