Need a Facilities Manager?

Need a Facilities Manager?

The most fun part of our job at Investors Realty is problem solving. We get to solve problems every day in every department, and there is nothing more satisfying than coming up with a solution that saves time, money and potential pitfalls for our clients.

One solution we are particularly proud of is the addition of Facilities Management services to help clients maintain a clean, high-performing workplace, whether they are a building tenant or an owner-operator.

Facilities Management at Investors Realty was born from a problem. A client who had multiple locations in Omaha – some owned, some leased – needed to consolidate its facilities workforce but did not want to compromise service to its many locations. In short, the client needed to keep its real estate operating at a high level but lacked the staffing to get it done.

As a solution to the problem, we offered the client access to our maintenance dispatching platform, created a service plan for each location, and assigned a Facilities Manager to oversee service and repairs at each site.

In the end, the client improved the level of service to its employees by providing a proven system and adding the Investors Realty Facilities and Maintenance staff as an extension of the existing workforce. It was a win/win for both parties.

Do you need help with your facilities services so you can focus on your core business? Let us take care of the leaks, breaks and vendor contracts. We do it every day.

This article appeared in our company newsletter in March of 2022. Please click here to download the entire newsletter.