Thank You for a Wonderful Year

Thank You for a Wonderful Year

As our 39th year (IRI was founded 10 years before the KC Royals last won the World Series) comes to a close we’re starting to plan our 40th year.

But, before we do that, we want to thank all our clients, customers, stakeholders and friends. We’re grateful for your continued confidence in our team.

As 2014 comes to end, the line in the Old Irish prayer comes to mind… “May the wind always be at your back” …and in many ways, this year the wind has been at our backs. We worked in an environment with an improving national economy, low interest rates and vibrant local economy. Our team is growing and maturing and the systems are working.

We also thank all of our associates. They improve their games each year and deliver better services to our tenants, owners and customers. We are grateful to have a team of all-stars.

We wish our best to all of you in 2015.

Sincerely, RJ Neary