Meet Charlene Etheridge, Patti Zeis, and Stacie Lorence
Our Team Coordinators

Meet Charlene Etheridge, Patti Zeis, and Stacie Lorence Our Team Coordinators

As our Brokerage Team has expanded and as our leasing and sales activity has accelerated, we have made some changes to our support structure. We have shifted away from a structure where each team of four or five brokers had a dedicated support person who was instrumental in providing the backroom assistance of preparing data sheets, marketing and assisting with due diligence and closings for those brokers. This structure required each person working in a support role to be a “jack of all trades” so to speak. To gain efficiency and utilize a higher level of internal expertise and service we have created the position of Team Coordinator (TC). Our Team Coordinators act as the quarterbacks of the brokerage backroom functions. While they continue to perform certain administrative activities, they now pass certain specialized functions to other staff members more trained and specialized in their area of expertise, i.e. marketing, contract drafting, database management, and due diligence and closing coordination. This new structure allows the TCs to act more strategically to assist the brokers. For instance, the TC will discuss a marketing plan with the brokers and then forward on specific requests to our marketing department to develop and produce the necessary marketing pieces.

Our “new” TCs are familiar faces at IRI: Charlene Etheridge, Patti Zeis and Stacie Lorence. Charlene, Patti and Stacie do an amazing job coordinating the varied personalities and requests from their brokers, and the results are more efficiency and better services for our brokers and our clients. The TCs allow our brokers more time to focus on making calls, showing properties and interfacing with customers and clients. This results in a higher level of success for our clients.

This article appeared in our company newsletter in June of 2021. Please click here to download the entire newsletter.