Investors Realty Expands Horizons Through SIOR Membership, Conference

Investors Realty Expands Horizons Through SIOR Membership, Conference

As we strive to provide our clients and customers with the best services in the commercial real estate industry, it is critical we understand what it means to truly be the best. One way we can do that is through the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR).

Founded nearly 80 years ago, SIOR is comprised of over 3,600 commercial real estate brokers who are active across the country and around the globe. Our Omaha-based firm has long recognized the immense value that SIOR provides, connecting us with a vast network of commercial real estate practitioners worldwide.

This invaluable network is one of the primary advantages of our SIOR membership. With members spanning the country and beyond, SIOR ensures that we have direct access to the best brokers in various markets. This association guarantees that when serving our clients, we are backed by the expertise of top-notch professionals, ensuring they receive the highest quality service.

Moreover, SIOR isn’t merely about connections; it’s a hub of thought leadership. Our engagement with fellow brokers offers us invaluable insights into market dynamics and trends. These interactions shed light on what’s happening in different markets, enabling us to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing landscape of commercial real estate.

In October, some of our team attended the SIOR conference in Chicago. The event was excellent and featured a lineup of influential keynote speakers and industry leaders. Tom LaSilva, Head of Commercial Real Estate Economics at Moody’s Analytics, provided a comprehensive analysis of the current economic landscape and helped establish expectations for the months to come.

Peter Diamandis’s discourse on exponential growth and Molly Fletcher’s inspirational insights on energy and maintaining a winning mindset were particularly insightful. Fletcher talked about the mindset not of winning but of improving, the value of discipline and seeing obstacles as opportunities, and the ever-increasing need to be present for your clients. Diamandis told the audience that “the day before something is a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea,” and he encouraged us to pull out those crazy ideas because exponential growth is upon us, and we will see some impossible things become possible.

The topic of AI was prevalent in every presentation. From marketing to information analysis, and from compliance to chatbots, AI is coming fast. Investors Realty has been investigating AI for several months, and we formed an AI committee in June, but this recent SIOR conference really helped us begin to understand how we can deploy AI to improve our service. The key takeaway for our team was another Diamandis quote: “Systemize the routine so you can humanize the exceptional.”

Notably, two industry icons, Mike Lipsey and Rod Santomassimo, shared the stage to present a program titled “The Client Centric Approach.” Their presentation encapsulated the essence of serving our clients not just adequately but exceptionally, aligning with the Investors Realty Core Value “Client Focused.” Lipsey is the premier trainer and Santomassimo is the premier coach in commercial real estate, and SIOR is the only organization that could bring them to the same stage.

The conference wasn’t merely a gathering; it was a knowledge reservoir where the best minds in the industry converged to share ideas, strategies, and forecasts, all of which are instrumental in guiding us as we navigate the complexities of the commercial real estate landscape.

Insights garnered from the SIOR conference will be shared among brokers at the weekly sales meeting and throughout the months that follow. We can point to several instances over the years where a successful new company initiative took its initial shape from an SIOR discussion. Already this year, we’ve started to implement new strategies and integrate fresh perspectives into our practices, benefiting our clients and reinforcing our standing as a premier commercial real estate brokerage.

Looking ahead, our participation in SIOR will continue to be a cornerstone of our growth and success. The relationships we’ve fostered and the wealth of knowledge we’ve gained through this esteemed organization are invaluable assets that propel us forward in an ever-evolving industry. Our commitment to SIOR is a testament to our dedication to offering nothing less than excellence to our clients. It’s an investment in our team, our clients, and the future of Investors Realty, Inc.

This article appeared in our company newsletter in December of 2023. Please click here to download the entire newsletter.