Management Transition

Management Transition

In June of 1975, Jerry Heinrichs and Steve Farrell teamed up to start Investors Realty. Certainly, many things have changed over the ensuing 46 years. However, the culture and character they developed within the company along the way has remained. Honesty, integrity and hard work came naturally. Education and exceptional service were a focus from the beginning, and today the firm boasts an unequaled number of CCIM designations, SIOR designations, CRE designations, and masters and juris doctor degrees. While the focus of all brokers is “to get the deal done,” Jerry and Steve’s focus was to go above and beyond to get the deal done right by understanding the client’s needs and making sure the deal met those needs. Forty-five years later, those values hold true throughout the entire company and all of its service offerings: Brokerage, Property Management, Facilities Management, Project Management and Building Maintenance.

Steve and Jerry shared the management responsibilities until 1991, when Jerry accepted the challenge and opportunity to become the CEO of a regional real estate investment trust (REIT). Jerry later rejoined Investors Realty as a broker specializing in investment properties and exchanges.

Upon Jerry’s departure in 1991, the management function transitioned to Steve and R.J. Neary who together oversaw the growth and operation of the company with the help of a newer, younger member of the firm, Tim Kerrigan. That continued until 2010, when R.J. was named President. Steve continued to collaborate while R.J. and Tim handled more of the day-to-day operations as well as implementing a vision for growth. As the firm continued to grow and transition to more of a team or department model, the management duties also grew. In 2015, Tim Langan joined the firm as Chief Operating Officer, and in 2016, Laura Hansen became Director of Property Management. Tim‘s focus on streamlining our internal processes and matching talent to these processes has led to better efficiency and quality for our employees and clients. Laura has overseen the growth of a department that has doubled in size over five years and in 2020, eclipsed six million square feet in commercial property under management.

Now it is time for another transition. Effective July 1, 2020, Tim Langan was named President of Investors Realty and will lead the operations and strategic direction of the firm. Ryan Zabrowski is Secretary/Treasurer and will oversee the finances and regulatory duties. Tim Kerrigan is now Vice Chairman and the Designated Broker for the firm overseeing the Brokerage Teams. R.J. is Chairman of the Board and will still be an active part of the management team, but will focus on business development and strategic growth, leaving day-to-day operations to the new executive team. Steve and Jerry are still around and available to offer their advice and wisdom (at least that’s what they like to think). The new management team has been around and involved long enough to have learned the value of the culture and character established over the years. Steve, Jerry and R.J. are proud of the growth and success of the firm and very confident in the new management team.

This article appeared in our company newsletter in September of 2020. Please click here to download the entire newsletter.